About Jim


Hi, my name is Jim Mohler and this is my site.

I’ve ventured into photography during my high school days long, long ago. In those days I learned to shoot and develop tri-x, plus-x, panatomic-x. I even have a lot of old Kodachrome slides, the kind made famous by Paul Simon in a song, not a camera!. 

I eventually bought my first Nikon and kept learning and took a side trip into the world of studio photography where I quickly learned it was not for me. I returned to the university to complete my bachelors and MBA programs.

During that college time I kept up my interest in photography and studied regularly with a local photographer, Lee Nye. He was a graduate of Brooks Institute in the 1950s and was a master of black and white portraiture, landscape, and nudes. His work has been recognized nationally and internationally.

But eventually the university was behind me so I set the cameras down, presumably for good in order to make a living. I worked in computer systems and consulting the rest of my professional life.

But some itches just have to be scratched and a few years back I purchased my first digital camera and now, in retirement,  I am well equipped to shoot what I want and share what I can, and have the technical background to get the best use out of the remarkable technology available today both for shooting and image processing.

I've contributed photos to the Downeast Magazine User Gallery and I regularly post pictures, mostly of food and nice places, on Google Maps where my 506 photos have been viewed 7.4 million times.

But the things I love shooting are in the natural world or in that edge between the natural world and man where man and nature have settled for an uneasy compromise. I have come to enjoy birds and you can probably tell that the Puffin is one of my favorite subjects!

I hope you like what you see.