Ordering Decisions

Ordering Requires 3 decisions

There are only three decisions you need to make when ordering a print from my website:

  1. Which print do I want to purchase
  2. What size print will I buy
  3. What kind of material will look best in the place I want to put it

The first decision is personal choice but should be influenced by where you want to hang it.  Avoid putting a dark print in a poorly lit corner of a room.

The size again depends on where it will reside. A big print requires some room and a smaller print will get lost in a big space. Measure your space or hold up a piece of paper cut to the size you are thinking you need. You'll quickly get an idea of what size you will need.

Material is a different choice and cost is a major factor. These prints all look good in canvas wraps. They just do. They tend to be softer because they don't have the same ability to reflect light as the aluminum based prints or the acrylic prints. Aluminum prints and Acrylic prints will reveal more detail than canvas if you get close up to the print but it's unlikely you will ever really try to view the whole print from a foot or so away. 

A few prints will only be offered in canvas so the choice is already made.

A Note on Cropping 

I crop images to give a nice balance to the elements in the picture. I do my best to make good cropping choices when I offer the prints in different sizes. You will find prints offered in 8X10, 11X14, 12X18, 16X20, and 16X24 on my order pages. Not all pictures can fit all the sizes because the cropping required unbalances the print. If a print doesn't feel right in an 8X10 then it will not be offered in that size.

When prints are offered in different sizes pay close attention to the picture on the product page.

You can click through the different sizes offered on the product page and the cropping for that picture in that size will be displayed.

If you look below there are three versions of the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse:

8X10 - 16X20


12X18 - 16X24


The cropping in this picture is different depending on the size.  The 12X18 - 16X24 has more room at the top and bottom of the print. By giving up a little sky and a little foreground I can get a very acceptable image for the 8X10 - 16X20 and the 11X14. Its a small thing but you should be aware of the difference when you are choosing a print

If cropping spoils the image I will not offer the image in that size.

All orders are custom orders

When you purchase a print it will be put in the order queue the same day if I receive it by 5:00 pm eastern; the next day if the order is received later. Your finished print is inspected and packaged and sent on to you. Right now, with the shipping wars that are going on, shipping that used to take 3 - 5 days can take two weeks or more. This means that it can be three to four weeks from the time you purchase the print until it’s in your hands.